Why Us? - Global Sports International

Why Us?

We are a young company but we put a lot of pride and effort in what we do. This fact, together with our experience, knowledge and connections results in the best organized tours you can find.

Why should you choose Global Sports International for your next travel experience?



We believe teamwork is one of the greatest values and as such we want to work with you to be able to provide your team with the best possible experience adapted to the your needs and preferences. We will put all our knowledge and expertise to your service so together we will decide what the tour will look like, from start to end.


We know how much work it requires to run a soccer club and also that it is not easy to convince all parents in a team to join an experience like this. Thus, we can support you in anything that is necessary, from graphic presentations to parents meetings, to booking your airfare and help with inquiries and questions from players and parents. Our process allows you to decide how involved you want us to be during the recruiting process.


Attention to detail and local staff in each one of our destinations that are highly knowledgeable and well connected in the local soccer community are just two of the aspects that will make of your tour an unforgettable experience. We believe in quality more than in quantity and, therefore, we like to provide few tours of the highest quality.


We commit to give back to the community in order to provide less fortunate kids with resources to practice soccer. To that end, we donate 1% of our profits to the US Soccer Foundation.