Testimonials - Global Sports International



I could not be more impressed with what you put together and how professionally it was executed. Every aspect of the program is world-class ... the hotels, the luxury transportation, the staff, the training facilities, the coaching. Everything is designed to make the children feel special and to provide them with unprecedented access to the best clubs, facilities and clubs in the world.


Global Sports has provided my son, and really, my family, with amazing experiences. Tony and his team are incredible to interact with and the opportunities they have given my son are helping to shape his view of the world by connecting him with top players from across the US. Giving him the opportunity to experience other countries and playing against teams in these countries has been something most players never have the opportunity to do and we are so thankful to be a part of this group of truly caring and fantastic people!


They have provided experiences in soccer that are unmatched in the US. Not only have the experiences benefit our son, they have improved his playing and taught him even more about soccer from the European perspective. It was also the ultimate vacation for a family that loves soccer.


The UK Experience was absolutely amazing. My son had top notch coaching and played the best he’s ever played. When we got back to the states you could tell he took his game to the next level! I loved being immersed in a culture that adores , lives and breathes soccer. If you want your soccer player to get the most out of the sport , going to Europe is a must! It is the best thing you could do for your young soccer player! We will always have fond memories of all the great soccer venues,  games and cultural activities including the National Football museum, Premier League games and a Champions League game!


We’ve experienced a soccer-oriented trip to the UK with Global Sports that included training for my kids, friendly matches with local clubs, cultural experiences, and tickets to 3 professional matches (Premier and Champions League). Our family had a blast! Communication was clear and thorough about the daily plan. The trip also had the right mix of scheduled and unscheduled time. We would definitely take a trip again with Global Sports. Thank you, Global Sports. Well done.


My son had a great soccer experience in the UK!  We traveled between 3 different cities in the UK, with a huge group of parents and players and every detail was attended to wonderfully.  Definitely look forward to joining this group on another soccer trip!


The 1st UK Experience group assembled by Global Sports was exceptional. Lots of time and effort was spent to ensure that everyone was able to learn from top-class training in the UK. We will cherish those memories and look forward to the next opportunity. Thank you Toni Romero for your leadership.


Thank you guys again for a wonderful experience. Yesterday Neev was watching the Man U vs Man City and he was so excited that he knew the stadium and he was part of that experience.